A Portable Sunscreen Must Buy!

One of my favorite outcomes of starting this blog has been the change in conversations I get to have with readers and friends. Sunscreen and sun protection were never topics I used to discuss with friends. In fact, many of my friends didn’t even know I had been diagnosed and treated for Melanoma until I started this blog. I was ashamed to admit that my vanity had caused a major life changing illness. Plus, cancer isn’t an easy topic to broach, especially in your early 30s. Now the blog has changed all of that.

A perk of those new found conversations and openness about sun protection is the age-old tradition of female wisdom sharing. The product I’m reviewing today is an outcome of a tip from a fabulous woman.

A few months ago, my mother-in-law slipped into my hands a little teal tube. She said she had been using it for years and felt it was something I needed to start using. It was Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable SPF 50 Brush-Medium

A Sunality Must Have!

It comes in the handy plastic tube about the length of your hand.  You can purchase either SPF 30 or 50 and pick from 3 to 6 different shades: Fair, Medium and Tan (in SPF 30 you can also get those colors with a shimmer).   Using the applicator brush, which is integrated into the package, you sweep the Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide sunscreen onto your face, neck and chest like a make-up powder.

This is a game changer!  A must buy now!

I have fallen in love with this product.  It’s convenient and compact packaging makes it easy to take on the go.  It doesn’t spill or break in your purse, and my purse is a nightmare.  On a warm evening when I need to re-apply sunscreen, I get the benefits of a make-up and moisture absorbing powder as well as a sunscreen.  I have been known to use it on my children in a pinch because it is so simple to apply to their faces and back of their necks. I also love that it is easy to share.  I often hand it out and pass it around when out socially for drinks, dinner or a concert outside.  Those occasions when you are never prepared for the hot afternoon sun.  No one has to get his or her hands messy and no one ends up smelling like the beach or pool.  It is an easy product to use, share and enjoy.

Even better, the product can be refilled.  The original dispenser, which includes the mineral sunscreen and the dispensing brush, will cost you around $60.  Then you can just purchase a refill of the mineral sunscreen for $30.  I love that it saves expenses and waste.  While the initial purchase price is a bit expensive, it lasts a while and is completely worth the convenience.  This truly is a product that will be in my life as long as it is available.

Colore Science also offers a primer, setting mist and lip gloss all with SPF.  There is no longer an excuse to not have your face protected from the sun.  If you aren’t worried about skin cancer, at least do it to avoid the wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes.



Author: sunality

I am a mother of two and survivor of a very scary malignant melanoma diagnosis. I was diagnosed in my early thirties. Since that day, I have been working to change my lifestyle and incorporate sun blocking effective products into my daily life to create a new reality of living in the sun... my "sunality." I want to pass along this information to others who are facing the same lifestyle changes and challenges. You can still live a normal life and protect yourself from the deadly effects of the sun.

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  1. That same fabulous woman gave me the powder a few years ago … and it makes you look good too! Thanks, KC!

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